The Light on the Hill

Making Decisions

A quick and easy  – if somewhat unconventional  – way to make difficult decisions in difficult times.

In these current difficult times, decisions, such as ‘Is it safe to collect my take-away from here’ are very tricky. 

Unknowns like this can add to feelings of heightened anxiety.

Vicky and I use a simple pendulum to test the truth or falsity of whatever we are uncertain about like: ‘Is this place coronavirus free? – Am I vulnerable?  — a carrier? Is our guest CV clear? Etc. The pendulum responses alleviate any anxiety.

Of course this may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but we offer it in the spirit of love and potential contribution to those willing to experiment.

You can watch a four minute video to get to see the simple ‘how to use a pendulum’ steps.

There is nothing ‘special’ about the physical make up of the pendulum. Some of our grandmothers checked the gender of unborn grandchildren with a needle and cotton stuck into a cork. 

David Kranz

PS – The whole Idea of a weight on a string telling us an accurate ‘yes or ‘no’ to any old question seems weird. My Lutheran dad would have said was ‘Ungodly’. How wrong can you be? If you are interested in knowing why I say that, you can check my reflections in a 15 minute segment of  my YouTube ‘The Mind of God and me’. Start at 45.16 to 59.8 minutes. 

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