The Light on the Hill

The Mind of God and Me

We don’t need reminding of the local and global tensions that are spawned by fanatical devotees of the particular deity that they insist is right.

In exploring this paradox, David notes that the ‘creation stories’ of both physical science and primitive folklore both link to consciousness, but in quite different ways. 

The unfolding scientific story is that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being. Researcher Amit Goswami, subtitles Consciousness as ‘The Mind of God’. 

The competing different perceptions of ‘God’ have evolved from the creation stories that our tribal ancestors crafted to explain the natural beauty that consciousness created.

A comparison between ‘God’ and the ‘Mind of God’ identifies elements that foster division and suggests perceptual shifts that could unify. 

It’s an hour and a bit of worthwhile reflection for the open-minded.

David Kranz

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