Music and the Arts

Music and the Arts are an integral part of worship at the church, with many members being blessed with a wide variety of musical and artistic talents that enhance the life of the church in praise, prayer, devotion, reverence and love. This includes writing lyrics and music for special occasions, including the occasional rock cantata.

BP Choir

The Brougham Place Choir is a 24 member Soprano, Alto Tenor and Bass  choir, providing Sunday worship with mainly traditional worship music, and led by Rosemary Nairn OAM, with pianist Betty Tothill OAM at the grand piano.

Other Choirs that contribute to our worship are the Hot Gospel Choir led by Quentin Eyers, Illumina Choir and the MiniM Choir.

Children’s Music

The Children’s Music Team gathers with the children in Sunday School on a regular basis to play music and sing songs.  At least once a year the children also put together a musical production for worship.

Chimes Choir

Helen Angove leads a 3 octave hand chimes group. This group assists in worship two Sundays in the month. Occasionally the choir is accompanied by the hand-chimes.


The Subtle Bricks is a drama group that regularly contributes to our worship life.  They not only act, but also write scripts and generally have a good time.

Instrumental Music

The pipe organ is regularly played by Rosemary Nairn.

An instrumental ensemble led by Jenny Symonds also assists with worship music on special occasions, featuring violin, cello, acoustic guitars, keyboard, trumpet, oboe, flute, recorder, drumkit and djembe drum.

Visual Arts

The visual arts are often a regular part of our worship service.  These include paintings and other artworks made for a specific worship services along with community art projects that we create as a part of our worship service.

The Centre for Music, Liturgy and the Arts is also based at Brougham Place.