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Getting Married at Brougham Place

Christians celebrate marriage as a gift of God and an act of worship.  We seek to create a sacred space in which two people commit their lives to one another.  Family and friends stand alongside the couple, giving them love and support, while we seek God’s blessing on their marriage.

Meeting the Minister

Our minister will meet with you approximately three months before your wedding date.  The minister will discuss the specific arrangements for your wedding ceremony including readings, choice of vows, declarations and music.  Together you will design a service that reflects you as a couple.  You will also meet together for pre-marriage counseling.

You are welcome to use your own minister by prior arrangement.


Our heritage pipe organ and grand piano, played by our music director, are included in the cost of the wedding.  You may also organise your own musicians, soloists or CDs for the service.

Decorating the Church


You may bring in flowers to decorate the worship space as you celebrate your wedding.  There are two flower pedestals in the sanctuary that you may use.  Flowers can then be taken to the reception for decoration as well.

Pew Ends

You may use bows or flowers to decorate the ends of the pews.  Please ensure that you do not damage the pews or use anything of a permanent nature.


Please do not throw any type of confetti inside the church. The city council of Adelaide does permit the use of flower petals or birdseed outside (at the bottom of the steps as the steps may become slippery).  Rice may not be used because it is harmful to birds and paper confetti of any kind is not permitted.

The Rehearsal

This is the final meeting with a minister before your wedding day, and is held during the week before your wedding ceremony.  We recommend that all members of the wedding party, and others involved in the ceremony, attend this rehearsal which usually lasts about one hour.


The wedding cost is $1100 and covers:

  • Use of the church building for your rehearsal, ceremony and interviews
  • The minister
  • The organist and/or pianist to play music of your choice
  • Church officer to operate the sound system and play CDs
  • Wedding paperwork
  • Wedding certificate
  • Pre-marriage counselling

The wedding fee does not vary if you choose not to have any of these items.

The Brougham Place Church Choir is available for an additional $200.

Making a Booking

To make an enquiry and preliminary booking, please call the church office.  To confirm a wedding booking, please complete the Wedding Booking Form.  This, along with a (non-refundable) $150 deposit, will confirm your wedding date and time.