A Light on the Hill

Waiting in Covid

What a strange world!
So much is changed. 
Opportunities gone,
Still, much remains.

We hear the psalmist cry
How long will you forget us Lord?
How long will you hide from us?
How long shall we see such sorrow?

Yet in the maelstrom,
We draw nearer in the fray,
Messaging caring,
Sharing hopes and fears.

We wait for the Lord
And in the word we hope.
Our souls just wait,
More than they that watch for the morning.

And in our waiting
We are not alone,
Discovering new horizons
So very close to home. 

~ Lee Parker

2 Responses to “Waiting in Covid”

  1. Barbara Day

    Thank you for your words, bringing us closer, strengthening our bonds, helping us bear the sorrow of our world. Peace, Barb Day.

  2. Lee Parker

    I’m glad my reflection struch a chord for you, Barb.


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