A Light on the Hill

Uniting for the Voice

“The Voice will not create division but enable greater cooperation and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.”

The Uniting Church has provided resources to explain why the Uniting Church supports the change, a position informed by our covenant commitment with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress and our Christian call to work for practical and meaningful change that ensures all can live life abundantly. 

The resource includes:

  • simple information on why a Voice is needed, how it will work and how it will make a difference
  • connections to our Covenant with UAICC and our faith as Christians
  • helpful starting points for a conversation 
  • where to go to find out more.

You’ll find a helpful PowerPoint and Two-Page document here: https://uniting.church/a-voice-to-parliament-in-2-pages/

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