A Light on the Hill

The Service Surprise

Photo of a pew, partly lit by a shaft of light from above.

Slid into my usual cubbyhole,
Back pew near the sound engineer.
Nice quiet, darkened spot ‘neath the vaulted church ceiling.
Maybe check an email while the choir intones its customary introit?
Bad person! But then that’s why I’m here – to confess and be cleansed.
Count attendance – always after the ten-minute post-service startup rush!
We accountants just can’t help ourselves.
Time to pass the peace – Covid-style………….
Waves, nods, smiles – whatever the mood takes.
Settling back for notices, childrens’ talk
All washing over one in familiar comfort.
So how come out of the blue,
Smack in the midst of congregational singing,
A verse hits home?
I feel it. It speaks to me. The emotion is almost too much.
OK, OK, resettle. It was a nice but passing moment.
Or was it?
The minister’s message begins. Yes…..sounds interesting.
Watching and listening. Thinking switches on and off and on and……
But hey! This is about me! The message. It’s all for me.
Transfixed I am. Like a rabbit in a spotlight.
I didn’t expect this. Maybe I should have. It’s so good – for me.
How did that happen?
Did someone speak to me from the clouds?
Well it sure felt like it.
Gee, glad I came!

~Lee Parker, 2024

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

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