A Light on the Hill

The Covid Prayer

I’m washing my hands
Of this whole Covid thing.
It’s gone on long enough!
That testing queue aint testing covid,
It’s jolly well testing me!
I’m just so staggered by what I see –
From media beatups to rulebook flouters,
That the case is clearly made
For adults themselves to be home schooled
On how we should behave.

I wonder what Jesus makes of all this,
His wandering bleating flock?
Some meekly following the Shepherd’s staff
While others just hopelessly lost. 
I know I’m supposed to pray for them all,
Well, as long as they’re socially distanced!
I guess come this Sunday when I’m supposed to confess,
I’ll find myself being unmasked!

Come Covid deniers and vaccine hunters
Come lockdown sufferers and all,
We’re suddenly learning a lesson of life
That we cannot control it all! 
Somehow unnoticed amidst the fray
We can sense we are not alone.
The One who’s brought us through before
Still walks beside us now.
So if only we listen,
We might just recover and walk the Spirit’s road.

~ Lee Parker

4 Responses to “The Covid Prayer”

  1. Gabriel Kaifala

    Many thanks, Lee, for the C-Prayer. While rapped in a coat of humour, you rightly point us to the truth that “we cannot control it all”, but most importantly, that we walk not alone. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Lee Parker

    Thanks Gabriel You caught my meaning completely. And sitting in Glasgow in the midst of the huge challenge the UK has faced, you understand all this far better than we in Australia!

  3. Rosemary Nairn

    Nice Lee, good to look for the joyous things, like the magpie amongst the wattle on the BP website.

    • Professor Lee Parker

      Oh I agree with you completely. The birds are wonderful evidence that life goes on! And a blue sky sunny day makes it even better


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