A Light on the Hill

Finding God in Covidworld

Where is God in this
When we’re doing it tough?

When we’re
Smothered in soap
Through the endless handwashing,
Remembering and forgetting
Our social distancing, 
Reaching incessantly
For the hand santizer,
Watching the ‘stats’ beyond
Our closed borders,
Readying for lockdown
And anticipating quarantine,
Preparing the masks
In which to hide,

Or embracing the new normal,
Whatever that is.

I’ve got news for you.

God is the soap.
God is the sanitizer.
God is the mask.
God is the inaudible voice beside us
Even alone
In the silence.

No matter how long it takes,
Let’s hold our faith
That God will lead us
To a new normal
That will renew, 
And sustain us.

~ Lee Parker, July 2020

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