Discovering Grace

Wish I were better
In so many ways.
The stuff behind the veil.
The small boy,
Still peering from behind
The door left
Slightly ajar.

Travelled so far.
Done so much.
Good at doing.
Not so good at being.

Good in the pressure cooker.
Not so good when it blows.

Finding wisdom.
Nurturing failings.
Doing the homework.
Not doing the chores.

Read about grace.
Knew of it.
But never really understood.

So this is the news!
I’m accepted.
I’m OK.

And this is me.
Fully grown.
Reasonably functional.
Passably packaged.

About time
I accepted myself!

~ By Lee Parker

4 Responses to “Discovering Grace”

    • Lee

      Thanks Michelle. Hopefully my experience resonates for others too. Cheers

  1. David Kranz

    What beautiful thumbnails! What courageous self-revelation! What clear expressions that profile life for many of us in a world that favours ‘doing’ over ‘being’ What news! It’s my bet that, given the space, the inner voice that assured you of acceptance will declare that you are cherished. With love D

    • Lee

      Thanks David. I appreciate your thoughts. Taking time to just ‘be’ and being cherished, sounds pretty attractive!


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