A Light on the Hill

Discovering Grace

Wish I were better
In lots of ways.

Like the small child,
We peer from behind
The door
Left slightly ajar.

Journeying life’s road.
Seen a fair bit.
Good at doing.
Not so good at being.

Getting some wisdom.
Still battling those flaws.
Remedial homework.
But flunking the chores.

Have to confess.
Heard about grace.
Read it up.
But never really understood.

So this is the news!
Grace is mine.
I’m accepted.
I’m OK.

And this is me.
Fully grown.
Reasonably functional.
Passably packaged.

About time
I accepted myself?

~ Lee Parker

2 Responses to “Discovering Grace”

  1. Peter Nicholls

    Excellent message Lee,
    Especially “good at doing, not good at being” but also the general thrust of the message to acceptance of our true selves.


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