The Light on the Hill

Devotions under the stars

Look to the night sky. What do you see there? Stars and moon, heavenly bodies so distant and yet so near. 

Notice the dark space around the stars. Empty and expansive. It pulls at the light, drawing it closer, drawing it in.

Sit a few moments with the night sky. Look to the stars and know.

Each star, though it looks small is a bursting, flaming sun, not unlike our own. Planets turns and systems unfurl. They gather together and galaxies are born, swirling in space

‘Even the darkness is not darkness to you’ 

Look again at the space between the stars. The darkness only appears so – a million other stars inhabit each pause, imperceptible to the naked eye. They stretch on forever, to the edge of all that is.

Reading: Colossians 1:15-20


In this reading we discover that all things are made throughand forChrist. This means that all life has meaning and indeed existence through Christ. Each star, each planet, each galaxy – the universe itself, is created through Christ. Christ is the power of life itself and gives meaning and order to what seems like chaos.

More than this, all things are made for Christ. Christ delights in the creation in all its diversity. This extends even to those parts of creation which become alienated from ways of love. All that we see above us is created for Christ. All that is within us is created for Christ.

Ponder what it might mean that you too are made through and for Christ. How is Christ shaping you? How is your life an expression of worship to the One who delights in you?

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