Church Online


Beginning on March 22nd, the Brougham Place community will be worshipping online. This is in response to the restrictions we are all experiencing because of Covid-19 (or novel coronavirus).

To join the worship, simply check the homepage at 10 AM on Sunday mornings.

Worship – March 22
Worship – March 29

Sunday School

The Sunday School will continue – online! Every week the children are invited to log on and join in the fun. This will happen at 11:30 AM on Sunday mornings. For more information, contact Jenni.

Meetings and Small Groups

We will be continuing to have our meetings and small groups – only online! The church has a Zoom account that will enable us to gather. If you are a group leader and need help organising your next meeting, contact Jenni.

Whether we gather together in a building, or in an online community, God is present with us.