Across the business of the working day
You call.
And we stay our course,
Incessantly tapping
Keyboards full of crucial trivia
That fall to earth as we shall surely fall,
Like leaves to their autumnal rest.

In the quiet interlude,
Once more
We hear the whisper of Your spirit
And crave a fleeting moment
Of stillness together,
But for electronic calls of fellow travellers
Tapping their frenzied paths to yet another day’s
Finishing line.

Succumbing to the pressure of the moment,
We plough the furrows of our working lives,
But for a fleeting backward glance.

Abandoning You to join the meeting’s flurry,
The project’s rush,
We return to find You lingering
In the corner of our garden – arid or lush.
Always waiting for us still.


~ Lee Parker
Published in The Penwood Review, California, USA, Fall 2006, vol.10 no.2

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