A Light on the Hill

Season of Creation 2020

The Season of Creation is celebrated during the month of September.

All of creation is intimately connected. For centuries, even millennia, humans have seen ourselves as having power over creation; believing we are superior to other creatures, that the earth is at our disposal. Our scriptures, faith and science all paint a different picture. God declares all of creation to be good. Humans are created as part of creation. We are earthlings made from earth – in Hebrew we are adam (אדם) made from adamah (אדמה). The same material from which God forms the trees. We are creation ourselves; we are creatures. We are earthlings; we are earth. God calls us, as part of creation, to care for creation, to serve and protect creation. We are called to be co-creators with God, stewards of good gifts, to love and serve this earth. 

This time in our history requires us to step up and hear God’s call to be caretakers, to love and serve creation more than ever before. This Season of Creation, you are invited to offer gratitude for the gifts of creation and also to be a gift to creation – to serve and protect it. You are invited to see more deeply the blessings of creation and to act to bless creation. 

Download the Spiritual Disciplines for the Season of Creation 2020

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