Lighten Our Darkness

Lighten Our Darkness Oh Lord We Beseech Thee

Time and time again
You return in memory.
Images of childhood Sundays.
Young Endeavour,
And songs.

From ages past
And to come,
Ring refrains
Stored deep in mind’s forgotten vaults.

From catechism, creed, doxology,
Small snatches that rekindle faith.
Warm reminders of
Words long treasured.
Symbols of the unknowing.
Meaning we cannot explain.

ThankYou for these gifts:
The memories of generations.
Ours, theirs, and those to come.
Let them remain in us
And we in You.


~ Lee Parker

A reflection on The Memory of God, A Minster lecture delivered at York Minster, delivered May 2003 by The Rt Revd Lord Habgood, former Archbishop of York.

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