A Light on the Hill

Christmas Angel – crochet pattern

Some crochet experience needed.

What you will need:

Some wool (Can be all white/cream, or choose complimentary colours for face, gown, wings and/or halo.)
Crochet hook (2.5mm – 3mm)
Darning needle
Small amount of stuffing (wadding or cotton wool balls)

Abbreviations for pattern:

sc single crochet – dc double crochet – ch chain st stitch – inc. increase –
dec decrease by crocheting two stitches together

Starting with the head

Using wool for the face:

Row 1) 2 ch, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook
Row 2) inc. in every st – 12sc
Row 3) inc. in every 3rd st – 16sc
Rows 4) – 6) 16sc
Row 7) (2sc, dec) repeat 3 times – 12sc
Row 8) dec 6 times – 6sc

Change colour (if desired) for the Angels gown:

Row 9) 6sc
Row 10) inc. in every 2nd st – 9sc
Row 11) inc. in every 3rd st – 12sc
Row 12) inc. in every 2nd st – 18sc
Row 13) inc. in every 3rd st – 24sc
Row 14) inc. in every 4th st – 30sc
Rows 15) to 17) 30sc
18) inc. in every 5th st – 36sc
19) to 23) 36sc
Finish off.

Make folds in the gown by drawing some yarn through the inner part of the skirt at about half the height of the gown and pull slightly to create the folds and knot securely.

Take a small amount of stuffing and place at the top of the head. Using a darning needle thread some yarn between the stitches around the neck and pull tightly together to create the head.


Change yarn (if desired).

Row 1) 2 ch, 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook, do NOT close circle, 2 ch, turn
Row 2) 2 dc into each sc, 2 ch, turn = 12 dc
Row 3) 2 dc into each dc, 2 ch, turn = 24 dc
Row 4) make a chain of 10*. Join chain to first stitch of last row.  
Finish off. (cut thread and pull through)

Add your wings to the back of the angel.

Pull chain of 10 over head, and pull tight if needed.

*Chain may need to be longer to be able to pull over the angel’s head, depending on the amount of stuffing you use.

Optional Halo:
Crochet a chain, make into a circle and attach to the top of the head.