Carrying Expectation

During Lent the Brougham Place community writes daily devotions.  Here are some from this year that talk about Carrying Expectations.

Expectation can be a heavy burden – sometimes too much to bear. There are messages all around us about who we should be and how we should act. It is in God that we find refuge and hope; it is in God that we can have heavy burdens lifted from us.
~ John Hughes

Wilderness journeys can be scary and hazardous.   For survival, one’s backpack should carry essentials only. Obstacles become challenges, stepping stones to assurance. Jesus travelled ‘light’ but demonstrated that his resources were more than adequate.
~Jean Murchland

We  not only carry the expectations of others but our own.  Peoples  expectations of Jesus had to be varied and conflicting, depending on their perception, knowledge and experience of Jesus. In his weakened state, after fasting for 40 days, Jesus stood firm in his faith and commitment to God.
~ Michelle Harris

Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis, portrays the struggle of Elwin Ransom to prevent a ‘second Fall’, this time on Venus. Ransom is entranced by the precious innocence of this Paradise, and in his desperation to protect it, daily battles the brilliantly persuasive Weston, a demon-possessed professor. We, too, face The Fall every day, and must recognise and oppose wrong or else we implicitly condone it.
~ Roelant Dewerse

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