Hi Ruth. Isn’t it amazing what comes to mind when triggered by another’s images. I had quite a different experience from the same sermon. Jenni’s image of God in me and Me in God resonated with the stuff I’m reviewing in my own faith Journey. I played with the same reading recently saw it as a valedictory speech where Jesus spelled out his ‘succession plan’. Back to your comments. I’m afraid I see a bit of a contradiction in your comment, in that the intimacy of a perpetual relationship with God (that we aspire to) has a unitive (monistic) connotation, whereas the crab and his house typify a dualistic relationship. It is this distinction that, for me, exemplifies the difference between ‘God’ and the ‘Mind of God’. My recent post below is an attempt to clarify this difference and consider its implications. It may not be coincidental that I closed my post with ‘succession plan’. I think the life of Jesus was fundamentally about recognising the monistic nature of nature, and that the job he commissioned for us is to herald in a paradigm shift from dualistic to monistic relatedness that matches his modelling. Thanks for stirring my cauldron with your crab in its cosy cottage! With love, D