The Light on the Hill

A Wilderness Reflection

And I thought You’d abandoned me.
Oh yes,
I’d read the theology of Your
Perceived absence
Concealing Your
Actual presence.

And yes,
I could see
The three wise men
Gathered around me.
I should have realised
Who sent them.

I’d lost control.
Couldn’t ‘see’ any sign of You
In control.
But then I was only looking down.
Down and out!

I’m no stoic sufferer.
I ride the storm waves,
Clinging to my inflatable
For dear life.

Seems like
So many times
You have walked along
My road.
When will I look up
And see you?

The secret’s in that Sixth Psalm.
God can take us
From depression to defiance
From groaner to fighter.
All we have to do
Is look and listen.

~ Lee Parker

2 Responses to “A Wilderness Reflection”

  1. Gabriel Kaifala

    Very inspirational Lee. Now ready to fight through another day.

    • Lee Parker

      Just found your comment. Many thanks. So true!


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