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Meaning of Baptism

The Christian church, from its beginning, has baptised people to mark their admission into membership of the worldwide Christian community.

Baptism by water is a sign used by the Church to point to the love of God for all creation. It is a visible act, instituted by Jesus Christ, in which a person is celebrated as a beloved child of God. In baptism, we welcome people into the family of faith and we acknowledge God's gifts of life and love.

Baptism is primarily about what God is saying and doing. The baptismal vows and prayers are our response to God's Grace.

As one of the sacraments of the Uniting Church, we baptise both adults and children as a recognition of God's love for us from birth.

Baptism at Brougham Place

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  • Baptism takes place as part of our regular Sunday morning service at 10:00 am usually on the second Sunday of each month.
  • People wishing to schedule a baptism will also need to meet with one of the ministers at Brougham Place. In the case of Infant Baptism, it is best if both parents can attend.
  • There is no charge for having a baptism at the church.
  • Everyone is welcome to be baptised at Brougham Place.
  • Please contact the church office to schedule a baptism.

Our Community

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For more than 150 years Brougham Place has been a "Light on the Hill." It is a community of hope that has passed faith from generation to generation, standing for justice and truth, equality and compassion, grace and love. Its cornerstone is built on Christ, the Living Word, spoken in the lives of its members. The Spirit continues to lead the mission of Brougham Place as it seeks to reach out and make known the love of God.

Further Information

Please call to discuss any further questions.

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