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You may edit this list to add jobs! Do not list monthly tasks her see Regular Software Maintenance

  • Serial Numbers for Order of Service
  • New Projector
    • Box
    • Documentation
  • Include printer setup in new staff induction


  • Shorter cables needed in LAN cupboard
  • Upgrade firmware on router to resolve issues around SSID identification (done Sep 2008)
  • Document network setup including Bari School
  • Note about reboot in case of trouble in network
  • Investigate failure of remote LAN admin


  • Hall computer printing
  • Documentation
    • Static IP Document (200)
    • Static IP Office (201)
    • Blocking for colour printing

Internet presence

  • Update MediaWiki version
  • In Rosters template if Piano is defined to empty then suppress the line, otherwise use a default value (done 19 Jan 2013)
  • Remove old html website in entirety
    • Migrate contact form to Mediawiki
  • Website Review
  • Install Catchpa (probably the one with two words) to contact form
  • Upgrade Website to current MediaWiki software (done 7 Oct 2010)
    • Cleanup images directory and investigate safe mode
    • Warning about PHP's register_globals option being enabled

Office Computer

  • Consider purchase of Office 2010 for office PC
  • Office Computer
    • Airprint
      • Airprint setup (done 1 June 2011)
      • Airprint not working on IOS5.0 (resolved by upgrading devices to IOS5.1)
      • Airprint using colour printing as default, suggestion is to add an older less capable driver that only does black and white, e.g. early PCL. Printer does PCL5c and PCL6. Another possibility is to feed it a doctored PPD file such as:
*ColorDevice: False
*DefaultColorSpace: Gray
    • MYOB
      • Make sure can double click on a MYO file to open it (done 24 Oct 2010)
      • Document setup (done 24 Oct 2010)
  • Provide three LAN outlets to reception desk (done 7 Mar 2012)
  • Alter LicenSing copyright from A1075 to 604444. Files are in Songs Directory.
    • Workroom determine correct Wireless Driver, Ralink 2500, 1814 0201 00321737 rev 01 (Workroom)

Hall Computers

  • Bpuc Ipex: flash does not work in chrome
  • Computer nearest tank room flashing screen (was faulty DDR RAM)
  • Computer furthest from tank room memroy size varies 1G<->512M
  • Computer No 2 (near Tank Room) "The application iTalc client has closed unexpectedly" (/usr/bin/ica)
  • Give the computers names and label them
  • Hall computer 1 lacks a slot faceplate and one case screw
  • Upgrade hall computers to 1.5G Memory minimum (done March 2014)
  • First Computer in Hall needs sign about Word Processing (done 20 Sep 2008)
  • Hall computers bootup
    • Check that bios does not refer to PXE ROM (done 2 Nov 2008)
    • Make sure that Internet user is set to non-expire, cannot change. (done 7 Dec 2008)
  • Antivirus W32/Nimda.htm
    • Scan all hall windows computers (done 7 Dec 2008)
    • Fit virus scanner to Windows hall computers (rebuild using cloning)
  • Do something similar to

Bari Cultural School

  • Bari School Computer
    • Purchase and replace with refurbished computer from Aspitech, prefer larger case
    • Change from Windows XP
    • Change from Office 2003 (No longer Supported)
    • Consider 120GB SSD
  • Bari School iMac
    • transfer 4GB memory from one computer to other to make 8GB (9 July 2014)
    • Purchase 4GBx2 kit 1333 MHz PC3-10600 SODIMM SDRAM (204-pin) for donor computer (MSY $94) or possibly 8GBx1 (9 July 2014)
  • Bari School Roaming Macbook
    • Remove 2x1G memory and Purchase maximum 4G Kit 2x2GB 1067 MHz DDR3 SODIMM PC3-8500 memory (MSY $26x2) of possibly 4GBx1
    • Note will work with 4Gx1 plus 1Gx1 but not 4G alone


Workroom determine correct Wireless Driver, Ralink 2500, 1814 0201 00321737 rev 01 (Workroom)