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Website Development Team

Here are some of the things we need to discuss:

  1. Who are our target audiences?
  2. What are we trying to communicate to them?
  3. What information is really necessary on the website?
  4. Design issues: what does the design of the website communicate about us as a community?
  5. How do we balance aesthetics with ease-of-use?

In preparation for our meeting, please look up some church websites (of churches with similar demographics and also the "way-out-there"). It will be helpful for us to think through some of these items by comparing what other churches do.

Here are just a few examples I like:

All of these are different and I don't think we should emulate any one of them in particular - just some ideas


Use Cases: Media:BPUC_Website-UseCase.pdf



  • Went through Wedding, Baptism, Welcome and History (including stained glass) brochures
  • A subset of website content will appear on brochures
  • Assignment of text
    • Children, Worship (including special Sundays) - Neryl
    • Weddings & Baptism - John
    • Subtle Bricks - Karan
    • 100 words with logo & link - Bari School - Alex
    • 100 words with logo & link - Kadi - Alex
    • 100 words with logo & link - History - Alex
  • Reordered some items - e.g. Bricks, Kadi etc under community
  • Mediawiki skin - Alex
  • Mosaic - Derek
  • Next meeting Monday 22nd March - 6pm at the church


  • Alex still to complete Mediawiki Skin
  • Three text items outstanding
  • Derek presented mosaics