Worship Recordings

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Each service is recorded at the PA desk on a digital audio recorder


The files are copied regularly to the Office PC in "Worship Recordings" under the "Public Documents" folder. Each year is contained in its own subfolder, e.g "2010". Individual "DR" files should be renamed to the date of the worship service. Look at the "Date Modified" for helping to recognise which file is which.

CD production

Copy the relevant files to CD using InfraRecorder or equivalent to produce a Audio CD. As most CD's can only store at most 80 minutes you may need to trim parts to fit on an Audio CD. The Audacity program can be used for this task by editing and the exporting as a WAV file that may be burned to the Audio CD.

It is theoretically possible to store up to 90 minutes on a CD but these blanks are uncommon, if you try and produce a CD with more than 80 minutes Infrarecorder will give an orange line in the size ruler and the recording will fail). The original CD standard allowed only 74 minutes (650 megabytes) but 80 minute blanks (1 hour:20 minutes, 700 Megabytes) are common and should work without problems.