Weekly updating of church website

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Each week using the following materials:

  • Order of Service
  • Worship Roster
  • Roster

update the following pages

At Christmas and Easter edit the special page and give more notice of events on the front page


For the Wordpress website there are three categories, two of which come from the news-sheet

  • Noticeboard - usually three selected large events that are promoted and have a 600x400 pixel graphic e.g Christmas, Easter, Season of Creation, Town Hall Meetings. Community as a filler
  • Current Events - individual posts constructed from each church event and activity. Unsure about prominence, ordering of non-dated events. Older beyond "Rosters" don't belong here. Sharing the Journey will also appear here.
  • Sharing the Journey - longer reflective pieces about faith journeys for discussion initiated by ministers, lenten reflection writers etc.

"Out and about" will appears as a separate page rather than posts, and is mentioned in the sidebar below the other events, but is distinct.

Rosters might be deleted, need to check on usage.