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The website, has seen a reduction in unique visitors per month to around 1800 compared with 2000 last year. The engagement has declined with 5 comments from the community compared to 7 comments in 2015. The five most viewed pages averaged over the whole year are the home page followed by the the old website home page, contact us, exploring faith category and Reconciliation SA. The website is position in the first five entries for searches on Google and at least five click-throughs a month on "brougham place uniting church", "bpuc", "brougham place" and "brougham place uniting church north adelaide".

The hall computers continue have been updated during the year and continue to be appreciated by children after morning worship as well as Bari School scholars. As at 5 February 2017 the spare computers take up about 1.6 cubic meters of space in the Southern tank room, down from 1.8 at the same time last year.

Other activities completed in 2016 include:

  • Further development of a Facebook page for BPUC (; currently 128 likes (118 last year) and 338 checkins.
  • Refinement of electronic order of service to Pandoc, which imports to MarkDown as its base. Also extending to Kindle.
  • Implementing remote control of the video projector from the rear of the church, making the use of video projection easier and less intrusive in worship (used in WCH Memorial Service).
  • Updating Windows computers operating system to Windows 10 for long term support
  • Continuing support for Office Staff and Sukulu na Bari.

Plans for 2017 (mostly rolled over from 2016) include:

  • Conversion of web sites to use https (secure connection)
  • Consolidation into or, pick one!
  • Logging of computer usage with a view to reducing numbers
  • Tracking paper order of service demands to better match production with usage.
  • Better reporting of photocopier usage for billing
  • Better network documentation and computer labelling (larger print!)
  • Ongoing reduction in the amount of unused equipment stored
  • Progress towards automated rather than manual backup of all computers
  • Exploration of other social media platforms
  • NBN connection and faster internal network to offices and Bari room

Alex Sims
IT Co-ordinator