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The church website ( attracts an average of 560 unique visitors per month in 2011, same as in 2010. The five most viewed pages are the home page followed by current events, weddings, the Office Administrator job description, and contact details. Visitors with mobile phones and tablets is increasing and is around 10%.

The implementation of the new "look" for the website has still not been completed by me. The style has been completed and it remains for this style to be integrated into the current MediaWiki software to transform the current pages into the desired look. Once this is complete there will be further revision of content and addition of new content particularly for visitors by the group led by John Hughes (Alex Sims, Neryl McCallum, Karan Hudson and Derek Munneke).

Further Computers and monitors which were surplus to requirements were disposed appropriately with ZeroWaste SA. Another round of disposal is required for the older Pentium IV machines that are now surplus since the generous donation of LCD screens and faster machines from University of South Australia. As at 26 January 2011 the spare computers take up about 1.25 cubic meters of space in the southern tank room, down from 1.4 at the same time last year.

Other activities completed in 2011 include:

  • Upgrading of three hall computers to 64 bit operation (two hall and one Bari School computer left at 32 bits)
  • Upgrading of all computers to LCD screens
  • Assisted Bari School with selection and installation of new Macintosh computers for curriculum development using grant received.
  • Running Introduction to computers and the internet courses based on federal government Broadband for seniors ( program to increase the confidence and skills of older members of the congregation in using computers and the internet (four participants in Jan 2012 course, three booked for Feb 2012).
  • Development of prototype electronic order of service
  • Established a Facebook page for BPUC

Plans for 2012 include:

  • Running further training courses to build upon the Broadband for Seniors and to meet congregational needs.
  • Further reduction in the amount of unused equipment stored
  • Investigation of energy usage of IT
  • Further Exploration of social media and mobile services to further BPUC's mission (in line with recommendations from the Communications Working Group)
  • Progress towards automated rather than manual backup of all computers
  • Enabling a better experience for the increased mobile phone and tablet users of the church website.

With Derek Munneke's help I have continued to help with the church’s computing needs, including providing support for the office, ministers and the Bari Cultural School.

Alex Sims
IT Co-ordinator