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The church website ( was reviewed during the year and out of date material removed or revised. It is now updated each week with the publication of the order of service. The site attracts an average of 650 unique visitors per month, up an average of 75 visitors compared with 575 visitors in 2008. The most viewed page is the home page followed by the Office Administrator job description (listed first for Office administrator job description in Google search), Bishop Mvume Dandala (third placed presidential candidate in South Africa 2009 general election), weddings and current events.

As a result of recommendations made by the Communications Working Group, John Hughes has been leading a group comprising Alex Sims, Tina Bussenschutt, Neryl McCallum, Karan Hudson and Derek Munneke which is redeveloping the website. The function, purpose, structure and desired look of the website have been developed. The implementation of a new look, further revision of content and addition of new content particularly for visitors remains to be done.

All computers (Church office, Bari School and hall) have had their configuration documented to facilitate rebuilding should hardware fail or computers be stolen or damaged. Three hall computers run Windows 2000 and two run Ubuntu 9.10. Computers and monitors which were surplus to requirements were disposed of as part of the tankroom cleanup. Existing spare machines have been listed.

Activities to be completed in 2010 include:

  • Running Introduction to computers and the internet courses based on federal government Broadband for seniors ( program to increase the confidence and skills of older members of the congregation in using computers and the internet.
  • Implementation of new website look and structure.
  • Documentation of (existing) procedure for blocking inappropriate websites from public computers in the hall
  • Further reduction in the amount of unused equipment stored (As at January 2010 the spare computers take up about 1.9 cubic meters of space in the southern tank room)
  • Automation of backups for the church website
  • Exploration of social media and mobile services to further BPUC's mission (in line with recommendations from the Communications Working Group)
  • Progress towards automated rather than manual backup of all computers

The office computer is nearing the end of its useful life; I recommend replacement when it has been in use for five years (July 2010).

With Derek Munneke's help I have continued to assist with the church’s computing needs, including providing support for the office computer, ministers and the Bari Cultural School.

Alex Sims
IT Co-ordinator