Website and IT Report 2007

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The church website ( has remained static through the year due to the website not being considered or omitted as part of the BPUC’s communication strategy. Current material such as preaching schedules and special service times are not being supplied and this represents a severe shortcoming. Despite this, the number of visitors has increased from around 400 to 600 per month. The most viewed page is the home page followed by information about weddings. Other frequently visited pages include information on people at BPUC, Christmas, current events, and the regular program.

Due to the falling price of new computers and the increased availability of higher quality recycled machines, I have been winding up recycling of computers as quality machines are now available for $50-$150 complete with software in a week from ACS computer recycling. Eight computers (including all of those in the hall) were given to the Australian Refugee Association for distribution to needy high school students. Two of the hall computers have been rebuilt with the remainder to follow as time permits.

With the renovations of the office area, the work area and hall have been cabled to current standards allowing easy provision of telephone and LAN services. I have continued to assist with the church’s computing needs, including providing support for the office computer, minister and the Bari Cultural School. My thanks to Keith Sandy for assistance and supervision of the cabling.

Alex Sims
IT Co-ordinator