Website and IT Report 2006

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The church website was converted to MediaWiki software in 2005. (MediaWiki is the same editing software used for Wikipedia which is simple to use and allows a number of people to make changes and updates to the webpages.) This has made insertion of new material much easier. All that is required to edit the website now is an internet connection and a bit of enthusiasm.

The number of visits to the website has remained static at around 400 per month. The most viewed page is the home page followed by information about weddings. Other frequently visited pages include information on people at BPUC, Christmas services and guest preachers.

During the year half a dozen computers were placed with refugee families through the Circle of Friends and Ben Yengi. In the past there have been long delays before computers could be provided due to a lack of Windows licenses. This has been rectified through the donation of 12 licensed computers from recruitment firm Robert Walters. Thanks to this donation there is currently an ample supply of quality machines.

The computers in the hall were replaced at the beginning of the year with six newer computers from the Australian Computer Society recycling scheme. These are used after the Sunday worship services by the children (for playing games) and more importantly provide computer and internet access for those who do not have it at home. The newer computers are more reliable and easier to maintain.

I have continued to assist with the church’s computing needs, including providing support for the office computers, minister and email distribution list along with the Bari School. I would like to acknowledge help from John Hughes for front line support and Keith Sandy with the transport and setting up of the new computers in the hall.

Alex Sims
IT Co-ordinator 2006