Verger duties

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If you are appointed verger these notes might help you

On Sunday Mornings

Arrive by 9:15am and:

  • Unlock all deadlocks
  • Open the door to the hall from the carpark
  • Open the Stanley Street entrance
  • Open the main doors, being careful to slide the bolt only as much as necessary so that it can be put back without needing a hammer
  • Make sure the order of services are available in the Leaver Lounge (choir), Stanley Street and Brougham Place entrances (will be in the office)
  • Turn on the ball lights by the organ console
  • Turn on the lights from the switch room
    • Four sets of ball lights in the worship space
    • Two sets of fluorescents in the worship space
    • Both side porches in the worship space (also operates the entrances)
  • On colder days turn on the gas heaters in the worship space

After the service:

  • assist the Recorder with the collection

Prior to leaving:

  • Extinguish any candles
  • Turn off gas heaters in the worship space and in the hall
  • Place six order of services with any inserts in the office for archives, sending out etc.
  • Put out for recycling any unused order of services
  • Move through the worship space and collect any papers etc. Place lost property in the office.
  • Turn off all lights
  • Check there is no-one left on the premises including all toilets
  • Lock all doors, taking care with the main door to only slide the bolt as much as necessary
  • Lock all deadlocks