Sunday School Gathering

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Each Sunday we begin our Sunday School when we gather in a circle and

  1. Form a circle
  2. Welcome and introduce any visitors
  3. In the school holidays
    1. Use the talking ball, welcome each child saying Hello <child's name>, we're happy you're here. Invite children to talk about some of the things that they have been doing during the past week
    2. Alternatively when numbers are lower sing the Welcome song to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It.
      If you’re Bruce and you know it, say “Hello.”
      If you’re Bruce and you know it, say “Hello.”
      If you’re Bruce and you know it, then we really want to know you.
      If you’re Bruce and you know it, say “Hello.”
      Bruce then says “hello” and everyone says “hello” to Bruce.
      Repeat the song until everyone has been welcomed.
    3. Invite the children to repeat words and actions. "I'm here." (Point to self) "You're here." (Point to another.) "God is here." (Extend arms)
  4. Prepare the table
    • Cloth (white or yellow - easter, green - ordinary time)
    • Bible
    • Cross
    • Candle
  5. Announcements (if any)
  6. Offering with song Thankyou Father
  7. Prayer from prayer book (written by Sunday school scholars)
  8. Birthdays from previous week, sing It's your Birthday
  9. During the holidays:
    1. Puppet - change the name of the puppet each week
    2. Bible story with cutouts
    3. Split into two age divided classes only rather than three/four
  10. Disperse to classes and blow out the candle