Setting up the portable PA System

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The system is a Mipro portable PA.

Items needed

  • The stand for the PA
  • The portable PA itself. This comes in a storage box complete with
    • Two lapel style radio microphones
    • A power cord
    • A mono 6.5mm plug to mono 3.5mm socket adaptor
    • A mono 3.5mm plug to mono 3.5mm plug cord
    • Inside the amplifier there is a radio microphone. The batteries for this are in a cassette which pushes into the front panel of the amplifier.


  • An extension cord if far from a power point and you don't want to use the internal batteries (or they are flat)
  • Cables/Adaptors to connect an audio source
  • Two dynamic microphones kept with the other PA gear can be used to give another two corded microphones. You will need a Canon-Canon cable for the second microphone, or to extend the cable for the first one which is only 2m or so.

Where to put the amp

Generally at the front of the audience, off to one side so as not to be distracting.

Putting it all together

  1. Erect the stand
  2. Put the amplifier on the stand
  3. Connect the power cords
  4. Turn on the amplifier
  5. Test the microphones
  6. Connect any external source required.

Before the service

  1. Run through what you are going to do and make sure it is all working
  2. Turn off the power

During the service

  1. Turn the power on when required
  2. When done turn the power off

Packing up

  • Pack up
  • Put everything away!

Internal inputs

  • CD Player
  • Two radio microphone receivers
  • cassette player (can be used to record)

External Inputs

  • 6.5mm mono Line in socket
  • 6.5mm mono microphone socket
  • 3 pin DIN microphone socket (female)

External Outputs

  • External Speaker - some sort of 6.5mm socket
  • 6.5mm mono line out socket