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Obtaining a email address

  • Decide if you need a functional or personal email (or both, if you are a minister you will have both). A functional email goes with a job or function. A personal email is based on your name and is of the form firstnameL, e.g. John smith would be johns.
  • Obtain approval
  • Ask Alex Sims who will create the account. You will need to decide if you need a mailbox or a forwarding account.

Setting up your computer for an Internode mailbox account

The church has a number of Internode email boxes associated with the broadband service. These should be used in preference to other email boxes or forwarding to a personal emailbox. Your email should be set to be IMAP, use secure receiving and sending via Internode. The latter is particularly important as it allows SPF (Sender Protection Framework) to be used to reduce the tide of spam. There are a number of settings you need to set in your email program: In Internode webmail you should set your reply-to address to be your bpuc address.

Setting up your computer for a forwarding account

There is nothing to do. Any emails sent to your will be forwarded on to your own email.

Setting an out of office for a forwarding account (to Internode)

In order to get the autoreply to come from your address it will need to be set by Alex Sims on the server. Supply the subject and text of the message in plain text for setting.

Handling out of office in Cpanel

To Add

  1. Select AutoResponder in the Mail section
  2. Press Add AutoResponder
  3. Set Character Set to utf-8
  4. Set Interval to 24 hours (one day)
  5. Set From to Firstname Lastname
  6. Other fields are obvious.

To Remove the out of office simply delete it.

Note that HTML has not been tested. Messages will still pass through to the Internode email box.