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The printer is a Sharp MX4070(N) on the network at (static address set using DHCP from router, MAC address is 80:38:96:CA:E6:47). Manuals are available for browsing from the printer itself. The printer will advertise itself using Bonjour as "MX4141N ...". Make sure you connect using a printer driver, not AirPrint.

Hardware Options Fitted

The supplied options are:

  • MX4070N Copier
  • MXDE27 Stand with 3 x 550-Sheet Paper Drawer
  • MXRB25 Paper Pass Unit
  • MXFN29 Saddle Stitch Finisher

This then means for manual installation (OSX cannot autodetect)

  • Input Tray Options - Four input trays
  • Large capacity tray - not installed
  • Output Tray Options - Saddle Stitch Finisher
  • Punch Module - not installed
  • Job Separator - not installed
  • Right Tray - not installed
  • Data Security Kit - not installed


Make sure mDNS is turned on in the Network services menu otherwise OSX Devices find the printer automatically.


Turn on AirPrint Printing in the Network services menu to enable printing direct from IOS devices. When printing a username/password must be entered on the IOS Device.

NTP Synchronisation

As administrator:

  • Under System Settings->Default Settings:
    • A MX4070n was installed on 3 July 2018 replacing the MX4141 was installed on 26th April 2015, the material below needs revision
    • Set the timezone to GMT+ 09:30, Daylight savings first Sunday in October each year until the first Sunday in April
    • Check Synchronize with Internet Time Server
  • Under Network Settings->Services Settings
    • In the SNTP tab set NTP Server to be

User Authenication

As of mid 2018, the OSX drivers do not support authentication by User number so the machine must be set to use "Authenticate a User by Login Name and Password". To set this go to

  1. Log in as Administrator
  2. User Control Tab on the top
  3. Default Settings Tab on the left
  4. "Authentication Method" set to "Authenticate a User by Login Name and Password"
  5. Submit

Paper Thickness

A MX4070n was installed on 3 July 2018 replacing the MX4141 was installed on 26th April 2015, the material below needs revision

The printers operations manual quotes a maximum thickness of 220 gsm in trays 1-4 and 300 gsm in the bypass tray. The minimum thickness is 55 gsm.

Colour printing and authentication

By default you cannot print in colour without a username and password. Alex can provide you with one if you wish. If you attempt to print from a computer without entering a username and password your job will be silently deleted.

Using the photocopier

  1. If another user is logged in press the "C-> Logout" button
  2. You will be presented with a screen titled "User Authentication"
  3. Enter in the appropriate user number or press "X" in the top right corner for Photocopying B&W or scanning
    • Office 54321 - Office
    • CMLA 54322 - CMLA
    • Hall (do not enter this code, use B&W Only instead) 54323 - Hall Computers - B&W Only
    • R Nairn 54324 - Music
    • Sukulu 54325 - Sukulu na Bari
    • Illumina 54326 - Illumina choir
  4. Press the "OK" Button on the screen
  5. A user status screen will show briefly and then the copy screen appears as normal. Do your photocopying
  6. When you are finished Press the "C-> Logout" button


A MX4070n was installed on 3 July 2018 replacing the MX4141 was installed on 26th April 2015, the material below needs revision

Download drivers from Sharp.


This needs revising as how to install the PPD as opposed to the AirPrint. Also how to use AirPrint

Make sure you select the correct installer for your version, e.g. 10.6 installer after mounting the dmg file. This will install the drivers only.

The username/password for the printer is set under Job Control when you print for the first time from an application. Both the username and password are case sensitive. The Macintosh Driver as of 3 July does not support User Numbers, must use Username/Password pairs.


Ubuntu has inbuilt support but this does not work correctly, use Sharp-MX-2700N-ps.ppd from Sharp (copy on church website). The supplied tar.gz from Sharp does not seem to work with Ubuntu 10.10, use the ppd in the src directory of the download.

Set up as a network printer, then select IPP via DNS. Change the driver to use the downloaded PPD, Set the Installable options to match the hardware. To resolve the conflicts go to Printer options and set output to be Offset Tray/Saddle Stitch Finisher. Then set colour mode to Black and White as colour printing is not allowed unauthenticated.


This is displayed in the bottom left corner of a normal screen. To see it larger, select Settings, then Status, then scroll down to the supplies section to view how much toner is left. If 0-25% then make sure some is on hand or ordered.