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From January 2010 Oasis is temporarily suspended pending a review of most appropriate time to run

Tired, stressed, dispirited?


You are invited to rest, refresh, and renew in a quiet space—like a personal oasis.

An oasis is a place where you can:

  • seek nourishment;
  • reflect on where you’ve come from;
  • consider where to go next;
  • ponder what your heart seeks;
  • sit quietly and listen to your inner wisdom;
  • use such wisdom in planning to move on.

Oasis space is accessible at:

  • the Brougham Place Uniting Church, North Adelaide,on the third Wednesday of each Month between 5.30–6.00pm.

No obligation, no pressure, no cost—just come when you can and leave when you must.

For further information or assistance contact the church office

What kinds of things might happen in the Oasis space?

Some people may just sit and ‘nod off’ where they are comfortable.

Some may simply listen to the gentle background music.

Some may move about to reflect on the stained glass windows.

Some may seek to tap their inner strengths and wisdom.

Some may then refocus the inner strengths needed to deal with an issue.

Some may want to pray for themselves, for others, or both.

Some may want to give thanks for what is possible.

Some people may follow the card (provided) that offers suggestions on effective rituals to ‘let go to a high power’, or clarify turbulent thoughts.

Some will be offering the kind of ‘feeling prayer’ that researchers have shown creates positive healing energy for self and others.

Some may want to speak to one of the organisers.

Some may do all of these—or none of these.

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light. (Gandhi)