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The logo is used on all publicity material. Care should be taken to use the correct version for the task at hand. Vector based versions are preferred as they have no loss of fidelity. To use these files you will need to download them first to your PC, then insert them as Graphics into the program you are using (e.g. Microsoft Office, Insert->Picture->From File). Note that not all programs support all file formats (e.g. Microsoft Office does not support SVG, use EPS instead).

Vector based versions




Bitmap based versions


Produced from Imagining our future Together

Cmla colour.svg

Vector versions

Use these where possible. Note that outlines of the letters are used rather than the Museo Slab 500 font (free).

Bitmap versions

Vector versions

Use these where possible, small file size and very crisp.

  • SVG 3Kb Black version
  • EPS 4Kb Black version