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Living the Questions is a new resource for Brougham Place UCA

Living the Questions hopes to expose people to ideas and concepts that have been taught and discussed for generations in theological colleges, but which have been rarely presented in congregations.

Living the Questions is for those who are yearning for something more.

Living the Questions seeks to deal with issues and ideas which many people have 'sort of known' but have never discussed with others.

Living the Questions is designed to encourage questions and spark discussion.

Living the Questions does not have a set of 'answers'. Each group and each individual will interact with the material in a different way.

Living the Questions is NOT for :

  • those whose personal faith requires them to believe that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible word of God
  • those who believe that the doctrines set forth by the early church are sacrosanct and not to be questioned
  • those whose eternal salvation depends on their unswerving commitment to the above
  • those who believe that the reason the mainline churches in Europe, North America, and Australia and New Zealand have been losing members and influence for generations is because they haven't been teaching "orthodox" Christianity or preaching the true Gospel.

The study has 21 component units, and so requires a strong level of commitment from participants.

The first series will be held on Sunday afternoons and will be led by Alan Lockyer, an experienced small group leader, and a member of the Worship Committee for BPUC.