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Ecological problem

The way we live uses earth's resources. The amount of resources we all consume is referred to as our 'global ecosystems (or carbon) footprint.'

At the current rate at which we consume, we actually need TWO earths to ensure our survival into the future. If we, as individuals and a society, don't take action to reduce our carbon footprint, we will not even safeguard our ONE earth.

Theological problem

God calls us to care for the earth.

Matter, matters. If we take the incarnation seriously, then we must recognise that physical reality matters to God. After all Christians believe that God became embodied in physical reality.

Our bodies, those of others, the animals, the plants, the earth itself - they are all precious to God and should be precious to us.

God calls us to care for the earth.

We can all do something

Everyone has a part to Play

We all matter and we can all do something to help. Here are just a few things that you might try.

  • Use cleaner transport: walk, bike or take public transport. Have your car serviced regularly to keep your emissions down. Avoid short plane trips - take a bus or train instead.
  • Add energy-saving features to your home: install compact fluorescent bulbs, weatherproof your home, choose energy efficient appliances.
  • Adopt energy-saving habits: watch the thermostat - keep it low in Winter and high in Summer. Unplug things when you are not using them. Dry your clothes outside. Choose green electricity.
  • Reduce your Food Footprint: eat local produce, plant a garden, cut down on eating meat.
  • Adopt water-saving habits: take a shorter shower, run the dishwasher and laundry machines only when full, wash cars rarely.
  • Reduce your Goods and Services Footprint: buy less!! Recycle all your paper, glass, aluminium and plastic. Compost food scraps.

Ways you can help at BPUC

  • Take care with recycling
    • familiarise yourself with how BPUC recycles waste
    • only put CLEAN cardboard and paper etc in recycling bins
  • Conserve resources
    • turn off lights and heaters when not required
    • only use what you need
    • make use of the clothing recycling bin outside
  • Consider donating to the 'Green Projects' fund (set up to purchase infrastructure to create sustainable energy for BPUC - eg solar panels)
    • when you travel donate an amount to the fund as a carbon credit
    • raise funds specifically for the account

Want to donate?
You can do electronically or by using a special envelope at the church.

BSB 105 022
Acct #: 0063230140
Acct name: Carbon Footprint a/c

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