List of members called to be missionaries

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The following Brougham Place members have been called to be missionaries:

  • Mr A.S. Devemish became a missionary in 1890 with the China Inland Mission.
  • Miss Alice Ferris was ordained to serve as a missionary in India on 25 November 1937.
  • Miss Meredith Dittmar left College Park Church to become a mission worker in Port Moresby, New Guinea from 1961 to 1967. She returned to join Brougham Place.
  • Dr. Gilbert Chapman and his wife Jeanette left in 1962 for Hong Kong, where Gilbert became a medical missionary at a hospital there. They remained there until 1970.
  • Miss Grace Sims, former editor of 'The Bellman', left for India in 1964 and remained there 17 years. She developed a cottage industry in embroidery in Parassala.