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Hi all,

Many of you, for many months, have been requesting a newsy letter about the Riverland.

There seems to be so much to cover I have been putting off this task. Let’s try and take it in some sort of sequence.

2011 Orders and Deliveries

Have tried to allow for public holidays, school holidays, Easter, Synod meetings, Emmaus etc.

Jan 11 for orders  	19 for delivery
Feb 08 			16
Mar 08			16
Apr 12			20
May 10			18
Jun 07			15
Jul 19 for orders	27 for delivery
Aug 16			27
Sep 13			21
Oct 11			19
Nov 08			16
Dec 06			14


I expect to have a variety of seasonal produce in the coming year, if the weather is kind, there should be fresh Sweet Corn in January as well as all your popular favourites. The produce is all supplied direct from local growers and producers, some of them trying new crops and options to remain viable. Your feedback and constant support and encouragement is invaluable and greatly appreciated, especially when I ‘muck up’.

The Concept

One of the original ideas behind the Waikerie Fruit Project was to actively encourage city/urban/rural relationships between congregations. This past year has seen a dramatic increase in this aspect with visits from several congregations from Adelaide to Waikerie, the church and the district. Part proceeds of each and every purchase you have made has been, and continues to be, donated direct to UCA International Mission activities; in this instance to help support a medical mission in Numfor, West Papua, Indonesia. I wish to make it clear that opinions expressed below are my own, and may be incorrect in some of the conclusions

The immediate future

Stone fruit crops are looking great, so far. A good fruit set and hope for a good crop this year. It will probably be a few weeks later than last year due to the cool weather but that’s ok too. My impression from talking to other growers is that all crops are similar, although the oranges may be very small next year as so many blossoms have set as fruit. Early days yet. Prayer certainly helps.

The Drought and the future

Your support of local growers during the drought has been nothing short of remarkable. Thank you. Many are saying the drought is over, it may be; but permanent plantings [trees] will take a couple of years of good consistent rain to recover This is Ok if you were able to afford to borrow to buy water, or pull trees out, or accept a reduced crop last year so that you have ‘carry over water’ for this year. If not too bad - and we are still on 67% of our entitlement with no chance of an increase this year. This is from the SA Water Minister. There is also the uncertainty of what will happen with the Murray Darling Plan and how much water will be taken from growers throughout the Basin,.[remember about 2.5 million people live in the Basin, 10% of our total population].Rumours are ‘out there’ of between 27 and 50% reduction for the Riverland. What the effects of this will be, nobody knows. We are really in a state of limbo, unable to plan for the future, or plant replacement trees,[if we don’t know how much water will be available - how can we plan and plant?]’ or even make guesses about the future value of our properties as, so far, there has been little or no constructive discussion regarding fair and equitable compensation for the reduced value of our incoming earning potential.

The REAL future

There is absolutely nothing we can do, except have faith, pray and be prepared to accept and act on the answers God gives.

Hope this answers some of your questions.