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On the western wall is the Doolette window, at the entrance to the church. The figure depicted is the gospel writer, St.John. The window was donated by George P. Doolette in memory of his wife, Mary, who died on 19 February 1890. They had been members of the church since 1873, when they lived in Buxton Street. Mr. Doolette, who was later Chairman of the Congregational Union of SA, was born in Dublin in 1839 and died in Surrey in 1924. The minutes of the Church Meeting held on 29th April 1891 record the following resolution -
That the Church place on record its grateful recognition of the thoughtfulness and liberality of Mr. G.P. Doolette in placing in the Church building the beautiful memorial window recently completed. The window, while enhancing the beauty of the church, is also a suitable memorial of the late Mrs. Doolette whose most invaluable (work?) in connection with our various church organisation were (we believe) highly honoured of God and whose memory is still fragrant in our midst.