Building maintenance

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If there is something wrong with the building that needs fixing please tell someone so it can be fixed!

Urgent Requests

Immediately telephone the office 8267 2657 and speak to Judith.

If there is no answer or Judith is not there then you should telephone Ross Drew.

Other Requests

Maintenance is co-odinated by Judith in the church office. Contact her with details of your request.

External Building lighting

The spotlight for the tower on the streetlight in front of the steps is maintained and billed by SA Power Networks. When it fails it should be reported to them as a streetlight fault. If streetlight reporting is not working then contact them by phone during working hours, light is at "Uniting Church, 193 Brougham Place".


Some ceiling heights are quite high and beyond reach of our 2.4m ladder (2.24 metre effective height) e.g.

  • Highest point of Kindergarten room 4.5m
  • Lowest point of Kindergarten room 4.15m