Broadband for Seniors Course

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The material is based on the NEC Seniors program.

Lesson Plans

Week One - Meet the computer, learn to talk to it

Handout pages 5-7 - Black and White printout.

Week Two - Meet the Internet

Print out pages 9-11 (black and white)

Week Three - Email and Pictures

Print out pages 19 and 12-15 (black and white) and bring along a USB webcam and an SD/MMC/Compact Flash to USB adaptor

  • Revise previous weeks
  • If no email address sign up for a free account
  • Webmail
  • Emails with attachments including resizing
  • Email etiquette
  • Extension material

Week Four - Word Processing

Print out pages 8, 16-18 (black and white) and bring along Protecting Yourself Online brochures. Also print up certificates.