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The Bari alphabet uses digraphs and two special characters, ŋ and ö. A list of specific keyboard shortcuts for different software packages and platforms is listed below.

Mac OS X 10.6 and Microsoft Word for Mac 2011

Bari alphabet
Uppercase A B 'B D 'D E G J I Y 'Y K L M N Ŋ Ny O Ö P R S T U W
Lowercase a b 'b d 'd e g j i y 'y k l m n ŋ ny o ö p r s t u w

Bari does not use c, f, h, q, v, x and z. There are four digraphs 'B, 'D, 'Y and Ny.

Bari special characters
Uppercase Ŋ Ö
Lowercase ŋ ö
Alternatives ng o
Uppercase Unicode (hexadecimal) 014A 00D6
Lowercase Unicode (hexadecimal) 014B 00F6
Unicode Character Code Chart Latin Extended A Latin-1
Insert Symbol section Accents Accents