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This provides guidelines on setting up Bari School MacBooks


  • Purchased March 2011
  • 13.3" Mid 2010 MacBook7,1/1280x800 Display/2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/2x1G 1067 MHz DDR3,no free slots/250G SATA disk/SD screen with 3 year AppleCare (Model A1342, EMC 2395)
    • Use the long power cord
    • No1 Serial 45107JEXF5W (now 3GB Memory)
    • No2 Serial 45107KNFF5W (5GB Memory Roaming with principal)
  • iMac 21/5" Mid 2010 iMac 11,2/1920x1080 Display/3.06GHz Intel Core i3/2x2G 1333 MHz DDR3,2 free slots/500G SATA Disk/ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB/Num with 3 year AppleCare (EMC 2389, Model A1311)
    • No1 (Nearest Window) Serial W8102GNFDAS (Add 2 x 4G Memory 9 July 2014 to give 8GB memory, removed 2 x 2G Memory) - SNBiMac8GB
    • No2 (Nearest Door) Serial W8102GWUDAS (Add 2 x 2G Memory 9 July 2014 to give 6GB memory) - SNBiMac6GB

Operating System

  1. Default Install of MacOs X 10.6.4 and Bundled Applications DVD
    1. Create the default user as Admin (with Administrative privileges) and a strong password
    2. Use a sukulu/church AppleID not a personal one, avoids issue with iMovie 10 and possibly iPhoto
    3. Settings-> Security -> General -> Disable Automatic Login
    4. Set timezone to Adelaide and Tuesday the ISP NTP server
    5. Software Update to 10.6.7
    6. Repeat Software Update to catch any strays
  2. Create Sukulu as a standard user (cannot administer) without password
    1. Log in as Sukulu and drag icons for Word and Powerpoint onto Dock
  3. Setup Church Wireless LAN (and remove any temporary setup wireless). Note that if the LAN security method changes, e.g. from WPA to WPA2, then existing settings should be deleted and recreated to avoid having to manually reconnect each time
  4. Change the computer name according to the table above (Settings->Sharing->Computer Name)
  5. Load printer drivers and link to workroom photocopier
  6. Configure Time Machine to do frequent regular backups of the entire machine


  • Office: mac 2011
    1. Insert disk
    2. Run the installer
    3. Activate and record installation number
    4. Run the updater and set to run automatically each week
    • Pack 1 used for Macbook 1&2, iMac 1
    • Pack 2 used for iMac2, BPUC Ministers 1 & 2


On a monthly basis check:

  • MacOS software updates
  • Microsoft Autoupdater for Office
  • Check that Time Machine is working, if no backup in last week leave machine on long enough to perform one