The Light on the Hill

Worship – June 7

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Prelude and Lighting of the Candles


Call to Worship

This day we gather in the name of God,
three in one and one in three.
Let us worship God the creator,
Christ the saviour of the world,
and the Spirit – bringer of life.

May God bring us to new horizons;
Christ shape us into his likeness;
and the Spirit renew our courage to serve

Let us worship together.

Prayer of Invocation

We Sing: God of Creation ATAR 605

  1. God of Creation, gentle life-giver,
    present at birth and all through our days;
    author of sunrise, song in the night sky
    here in this place, we offer our praise.

  2. Jesus, companion, teacher and healer,
    friend of the grieving, suffering, the poor
    stand with your people, whisper among us
    promise of mercy, goodness for all.

  3. Spirit of comfort, blow through creation,
    stir up new life, breathe peace through our world.
    Healer of hearts and hope for tomorrow,
    weave all our sorrows into new dawn.

  4. Here we give thanks for life in its fullness,
    blessings received, your gifts to us all.
    Make us a people, filled by compassion,
    selflessly giving, serving your world.

Craig Mitchell © 2010. Used with permission.

Prayer of Confession

Words of Assurance

In Christ, God came to open the ways
to abundant and eternal life.
This is our inheritance:
to be people of forgiveness.
So I declare,
our sins are forgiven.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Passing of the Peace

The peace of our God be with you.
And also with you.

Community News and Notices

Children’s Time

We Sing: How Great Is Your Name

How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.
How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.

  1. You have covered the skies with your splendor,
    you have filled up the heavens with your majesty,
    O Holy One.

How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.
How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.

  1. From the mouths of the children you bring strength
    to put an end to foe and avenger,
    O Holy One.

How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.
How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.

  1. When we look at the work of your fingers,
    the sun and moon above that you have set in place,
    we stand in awe.
    Who are we that you should notice us,
    the children of the earth that you should care for us,
    O Holy One?

How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.
How great is your name, how great is your name,
how great is your name in all of the earth.

  1. Making all of us just beneath angels,
    even crowning your servants with your glory;
    we know your love.
    All your work of the earth you give to us,
    all the world at our feet and at our mercy,
    O Holy One.

Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan © 2010, Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved. ONE LICENSE, License #A-604444.

Scripture Reading Matthew 28:16-20

The gospel of Christ, light of the world.
Thanks be to God.

Sermon The Holiness of God

We Sing: God Is One, Unique and Holy

  1. God is One, unique and holy,
    endless dance of love and light,
    only source of mind and body,
    star-cloud, atom, day and night:
    everything that is or could be
    tells God’s anguish and delight.

  2. God is Oneness by Communion:
    never distant or alone,
    at the heart of all belonging:
    loyal friendship, loving home,
    common mind and shared agreement,
    common loaf and sung Shalom.

  3. Through the pain that loving Wisdom
    could foresee, but not forestall,
    God is One though torn and anguished
    in the Christ’s forsaken call,
    One through death and resurrection,
    One in Spirit, One for all.

Brian Wren © 1983, Hope Publishing Company. All rights reserved. ONE LICENSE, License #A-604444.


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Prayers of the People

We Sing: Feed Us Now TiS 538

  1. Feed us now Bread of life,
    in this holy meal;
    let us know your love anew:
    we hunger for you.
    Feed us now, Bread of life,
    come and live within;
    let your peace be ours today,
    Lord Jesus, we pray.

  2. Piece of bread, cup of wine:
    Lord, this food is good:
    love and mercy come to us –
    your promise we trust.
    Piece of bread, cup of wine:
    who can understand
    how his mercy works in these?
    Yet, Lord, we believe.

  3. God is here, O so near,
    nearer than our thoughts.
    Stay with us where’er we go;
    Lord, help us to grow.
    God is here, O so near,
    in this heaven’s meal.
    May we always feed on you –
    on the bread that is true.

Robin Mann 1949- Words © R. Mann. All rights reserved. ONE LICENSE, License #A-604444.

Celebrating Holy Communion

Setting of the Table

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving

May God be with you.
And also with you.

Lift up your hearts!

We lift them up to our God.

Let us give thanks to God our Creator.
It is right to give our thanks and praise.

… and so we raise our voices,
together with heaven and earth,
your people throughout all time and in all places,
and all of creation, saying:
Holy, holy, holy God, of all creation and life,
Heaven and earth are full of your glory,
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is the one who comes in the name of God.
Hosanna in the highest!

The Lord’s Prayer

And now with the confidence of the children of God, let us pray the prayer Jesus taught us saying…

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be Your name,
your Kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in Heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin
against us.
Save us in the time of trial
and deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power
and the glory are yours
now and forever. Amen.

Breaking of the Bread

The Communion

Prayer After Communion

We Sing: Jesus Calls Us Here To Meet Him TiS 477

  1. Jesus calls us here to meet him
    as, through word and song and prayer,
    we affirm God’s promised presence
    where his people live and care.
    Praise the God who keeps his promise;
    praise the Son who calls us friends;
    praise the Spirit who, among us,
    to our hopes and fears attends.

  2. Jesus call us to confess him
    Word of Life and Lord of All,
    sharer of our flesh and frailness
    saving all who fail or fall.
    Tell his holy human story;
    tell his tales that all may hear;
    tell the world that Christ in glory
    came to earth to meet us here.

  3. Jesus calls us to each other:
    found in him are no divides.
    Race and class and sex and language
    such are barriers he derides.
    Join the hand of friend and stranger;
    join the hands of age and youth;
    join the faithful and the doubter
    in their common search for truth.

John L. Bell and Grham Maule © 1989, WGRG, Iona Community. Administered in Australia and New Zealand by Willow Publishing Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. ONE LICENSE, License #A-604444.

Sending Forth and Benediction


The liturgy in this service is adapted from Words for Worship, published by MediaCom, Inc.

If you really want a printed order of service, you can print one. Alternatively if you don’t want an order of service at all, you can watch direct on YouTube.

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8 Responses to “Worship – June 7”

  1. Barbara Day

    Thank you all for your contributions to today’s church service online. It was again important and uplifting connecting us in these troubling times. Peace,
    Barb Day.

  2. RAK

    A deeply moving sermon today. The unraveling of poor theology into the intricate weaving of the intent of Jesus, that we are all loved.

  3. Penny Dawe

    Hello from Maryborough, Victoria. Lovely service again, thank you.
    John, such a poignant, meaningful, relevant sermon – genuine and heartfelt.

    Great to see and hear you singing again Wendy! xx

    It would be handy to have a list of participants, lovely to see all the people I know, there are so many new faces since I was there.
    Well done everyone!

  4. Julie-Anne Trease

    Yes, we agree. Lift us all into community. Thank you again. And, the kids segment was great! Thanks you three! May your fence bring life too.

  5. Julie-Anne Trease

    Could you please produce a shorter Youtube clip including just John’s sermon for us to share on social media please?


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