The Light on the Hill

Order of Service – 26th July 2020

The Order of Service follows below.

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July 26, 2020 – Pentecost 8

We acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional carers of the land on which our church is built.


Welcome and Lighting of the Candles

Call to Worship

A tiny seed planted can grow to a mighty tree.
In small numbers we worship today,
but as part of a mighty Church worldwide.

A tiny bit of yeast can make the loaf rise.
Tempted to feel small and alone,
we rise to worship, part of a greater whole.

Wondering at the worth of our presence and praise at home,
we worship today offering what combined treasures we have.

Opening Prayer

We Sing: Jesus Call Us Here To Meet Him TiS 477

  1. Jesus calls us here to meet him
    as, through word and song and prayer,
    we affirm God’s promised presence
    where his people live and care.
    Praise the God who keeps his promise;
    praise the Son who calls us friends;
    praise the Spirit who, among us,
    to our hopes and fears attends.

  2. Jesus call us to confess him
    Word of Life and Lord of All,
    sharer of our flesh and frailness
    saving all who fail or fall.
    Tell his holy human story;
    tell his tales that all may hear;
    tell the world that Christ in glory
    came to earth to meet us here.

  3. Jesus calls us to each other:
    found in him are no divides.
    Race and class and sex and language
    such are barriers he derides.
    Join the hand of friend and stranger;
    join the hands of age and youth;
    join the faithful and the doubter
    in their common search for truth.

John L. Bell and Graham Maule © 1989, WGRG, Iona Community. Administered in Australia and New Zealand by Willow Publishing Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. ONE LICENSE, License #A-604444.

Prayers of Adoration and Confession

Passing of the Peace

The peace of our God be with you.
And also with you.

Community News and Notices

Children’s Time

Children may go downstairs for Sunday School. Parents, you are welcome to join your child in Sunday School if you feel your child may need your assistance. Alternatively, you may wish for your child to remain with you for the duration of worship. Activity packs are available from the Welcome Desks.

We Sing: Know that God is Good CH 788

Know that God is good,
know that God is good,
know that God is good,
God is good, God is good.

Traditional Song, Congo.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

The gospel of Christ, light of the world.
Thanks be to God.


We Sing: The Reign of God CH 343

  1. The reign of God, like farmer’s field,
    bears weeds along wheat;
    the good and bad are intertwined
    till harvest is complete

  2. Like mustard tree, the reign of God
    from tiny seed will spread,
    till birds of every feather come
    to nest, and there be fed.

  3. Though hidden now, the reign of God
    may, yet unnoticed, grow;
    from deep within it rises up,
    like yeast in swelling dough.

  4. The reign of God is come in Christ;
    the reign of God is near.
    Ablaze among us, kindling hearts,
    the reign of God is here!

Delores Dufner OSB © 1995, 2003, GIA Publications INC. All Rights Reserved. ONE LICENSE, License #A-604444.


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Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer

Several translations of the Lord’s Prayer are available in the booklets on the pews.

And now with the confidence of the children of God, let us pray the prayer Jesus taught us saying…

We Sing: Sent Forth By God’s Blessing TiS 531

  1. Sent forth by God’s blessing, our true faith confessing,
    the people of God from his table take leave,
    The supper is ended: may now be extended
    the fruits of his service in all who believe.
    The seed of his teaching, our hungry souls reaching,
    shall blossom in action for all humankind.
    His grace shall incite us, his love shall unite us
    to work for his kingdom, his purpose to find.

  2. With praise and thanksgiving to God ever-living
    the tasks of our everyday life we will face,
    our faith ever sharing, in love ever caring,
    embracing as neighbours all those of each race.
    One feast that has fed us, one light that has led us,
    unite us as one in his life that we share.
    Then may all the living, with praise and thanksgiving,
    give honour to Christ and his name that we bear.

Omer Westendorf 1916- alt © Copyright 1964, World Library Publications, a division of J. S. Paluch Company, Inc 3825 N. Willow R. Schiller Park, IL601176, USA All rights reserved. Words used with permission under copyright CCLI Licence No 137219. Copyright cleared music for churches.

Sending Forth and Benediction


In order to avoid crowding at the exits, please wait for a steward to indicate it is time to leave. There are sign-up sheets for morning tea at the welcome desk to share coffee in cafes in North Adelaide.

The liturgy in this service is adapted from Spill the Beans, published by the Spill the Beans Resource Team.