Lent 2020

The season of Lent begins on February 26th.

In the Old Testament sometimes the word translated as “hope” is also the word “cord”. Hope connects us with God, in the same way that a cord connects one to another. With time and intention the cord or connection is strengthened. Interestingly, this form of hope is most common in the book of Job; perhaps, a reminder of the hope that Job has in God and the strength that this offers.

Our theme for Lent this year is “Tethered to God: I Choose Love…” It is by our connection of hope to God that we are enabled to choose love, even in times of difficulty and challenge.

Lent is a time of discipleship, inward reflection and connection with God. With gentleness and tenderness, we are shaped by God. Through spiritual disciplines, sacraments and means of grace, we are connected to God. Through the faithful community we are entwined with one another and with a community that stretches through time and space. Through these deepened connections, through the cord of hopefulness that tethers us to God, we are strengthened to choose love for the world, for one another, for ourselves. This shapes our living and the world around us.As we encounter the texts each week you are invited to consider:

  • How are you tethered to God? 
  • How is this cord strengthened? 
  • When is it easy to choose a path of love? 
  • When is it difficult to choose a path of love? 
  • When have you witnessed someone choosing to walk in love? 
  • When have you chosen to love? 
  • How does your connection to God encourage you to choose love?

May this Lenten journey strengthen us in hope and love.

Lenten Practices

BPUC Lenten Devotions

Throughout Lent the Brougham Place community will be praying together daily by using an emailed devotional that has a focus scripture passage for the day and a reflection by a member of the community.

If you do not already receive the Lenten Devotions and would like to, please sign up here.

If you missed one – or just want to read them online – whole list of Lenten Devotions is available.

Lent Event 2020

Lent Event is 40 days of simple living and inspiration from people building God’s Kingdom.

Join people all over Australia who are giving up something from daily life and saving what they’d otherwise have spent, donating and fundraising for projects that end poverty and build hope.

Our focus in 2020 is seeing an end to war and poverty. Come with us to Ambon, Indonesia to find out how Christians and Muslims, led by UnitingWorld partners, are making it happen.

Lent Event is UnitingWorld’s call to individuals and churches to be personally changed by God’s work in the world, by meeting people across the Pacific, Asia and Africa who are building peace, creating justice, offering hope and bringing new life.

Click here for more information. There will also be materials available at the church.

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