Lent 2019

The season of Lent begins on March 6th. It is during this season that we remember stories of faith. Abraham and Sarah gazing at the stars and being given new identities. The Prodigal Son evaluating what is important in life. Jesus reflecting in the wilderness. A hen, gathering her brood under her wings. When we recall these stories, we are not just merely remembering them, but in so doing we connect to God and with one another. We are formed by them and take our place within the larger story – God’s story.

Lent provides a weekly opportunity to participate in the sacrament of communion; a time of sacred encounter with God. In this means of grace we are mysteriously connected to God, the faithful throughout all time and space, and one another. In remembering the words of Jesus, we are re-membered to the body of Christ. We are drawn into union with God and God’s community, past and present. This anamnesis, remembering and re-membering, is both God’s gift and God’s calling.

As we encounter the texts each week you are invited to consider:

  • What are we invited to remember about God’s story?
  • How is this person / these people re-membered to/by God, how are they re-membered to God’s people?
  • How do we remember this story?
  • How are we re-membered through this story?

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